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Words Can't Say what Love Can do...

I'll be there for you...

The greatest person you'll ever meet...
Hello there I'm Jen. That's about it.

What, I have to keep going? Erm.. well. I like Johnny Depp so no JD haters if you please, and NO neds with your crappy music either, you hear?. No one likes neds! Myah.

More? Erm, well.. I'm a kind of normal person with a decent sense of humour but I don't tolerate braggers. You know who you are. Any sarcastic people around? I'll like you, don't you worry, it's one of my areas of expertise, you might say. Of course, I like my friends, they are the best people I know.

There I'm done. You want more, you bastard? Yeah, I'll give YOU more!!! *attacks bioman*

...Whoops, sorry kiddies! Bye bye!